meadhbh lives here

meadhbh hamrick is a parent, LGBT rights activist and software architect. she lives with two cats and a child in the coastal mountains overlooking santa cruz, california and the monterey bay. her name is irish and is pronounced almost like the english "maeve". she considers herself blessed to be surrounded by good friends and gracious co-workers. in a past life she was the author, co-author or editor of several internet drafts relating to virtual world interoperability and helped organize the Virtual Worlds Region Agent Protocol (VWRAP) working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). she also works as an consultant, helping customers develop strategies for defining and developing secure transaction systems for embedded and augmented reality systems. she believes her curriculum vitae and a description of her professional activities make interesting reading, but admits she may be biased in this belief.

ms. hamrick holds many strange beliefs and biases, including a life-long dissatisfaction with serif fonts and upper case letters.

she may be reached by email at you may follow her on twitter at @OhMeadhbh. her blog may be found at she may frequently be found logged in to second life as Meadhbh Oh.